Welcome to The Clio Project

The Clio Project: Worldwide Women's History on the Web was launched in 2005 by a group of historians, teachers, and web designers committed to making worldwide women's history for educators available on the Internet.

Although women's history websites abound on the web, most of them focus on American and European women's history and are aimed at college-level students and academic historians. The mission of The Clio Project is to provide classroom-ready curriculum materials for secondary teachers and their students on the history of women worldwide.

Women's history informs traditional, male-centered history by acknowledging the contributions of and constraints on women. The study of worldwide women's history presents students with an expansive view of the status and roles of women depending on time, place, class, and individual talents. Investigating the history of women in a global context brings new discoveries and fresh insights to the study of world history.

Built around six categories, seven complete lessons are currently posted with more to come.

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