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As with the Evans' model, our lessons can often be assigned to more than one cultural universal because of overlapping content. For instance, Halide Edib, a member of the Turkish parliament and activist for women's political and legal rights in modern Turkey, is easily classified under the category of "politics". However, Edib's career as a teacher, school administrator, university lecturer and writer might also classify her story under "education". Her memoir, used extensively in the longer lesson, reveals much about the "social arrangements" of the time and about place she grew up. These models help to expand our vision of history but also demonstrate that one story from history may touch on many of the themes or categories. Also, the Cultural Universal, Art, seems to fit into and inform all seven themes of the Dynamics of Gender model, while Gender Ideology informs all six of the Cultural Universals.

Each lesson includes:

  1. Footnoted readings and a list of sources.
  2. Photographs with captions and credits.
  3. Additional websites on the topic when appropriate.
  4. "Points to Consider" for students to think about and answer.
  5. Sources list of materials used for the lesson.

This general format is followed for all lessons on the Clio Project Website.