History of The Clio Project

The Clio Project: Worldwide Women's History on the Web was founded in 2001 by a group of historians, teachers, and website designers interested in making global women's history materials available to teachers and students via the web. The project builds on the innovative scholarship and curriculum development of the nationally recognized Women in World Area Studies project, a program of the Upper Midwest Women's History Center.

For twenty years, the Upper Midwest Women's History Center, a Minnesota nonprofit organization, published and disseminated classroom-ready print and audiovisual materials on global women's history. The Upper Midwest Women's History Center closed in 1999 but there was a continuing demand for the global women's history curriculum materials developed at the Center. These requests reflect the fact that it is still difficult for secondary- to adult-level teachers and students to find educational materials on the history of women worldwide particularly on the Internet.

In response to this demand, planning for The Clio Project began in September 2001. A successful fund raising effort directed at former supporters and patrons of the Upper Midwest Women's History Center raised money for basic computer equipment and web design. A mostly volunteer staff began development of a website focused on international women's history.

A generous grant from The Women's Foundation of Minnesota's Social Change Fund financed the second year of The Clio Project. A grant from The Janet B. Watson Fund of the Women's Foundation of Minnesota in 2004 allowed the project to continue and expand.

The Clio Project website graphic design and database developmentwas created by K. Darby Laing, LAINGdesign (laingdesign@comcast.net; www.laingdesign.com) and Catherine Settanni, Settanni+Co. (catherine@digitalaccess.org; www.settanni.com). The Clio Project logo image is used with permission of Encyclopedia Mythica, www.pantheon.com.

In 2004 The Clio Project: Worldwide Women's History on the Web was incorporated by the State of Minnesota and became an independent nonprofit organization approved by the Internal Revenue Servicewith a 501(c)(3) designation. Donations are tax deductible as charitable contributions.