The Clio Project Staff

Patricia Benson has worked in the field of informational and educational technology. Prior to starting a career in technology, Pat held a variety of positions in organizations focusing on education. Most recently, Pat has pursued her strong interest in the impact of Internet and technology on society by completing an M.A. in Rhetoric, Scientific and Technical Communication at the University of Minnesota. She acts as a consultant for The Clio Project in website development, design and usability, project management, and curriculum development.

Marjorie Wall Bingham co-founded, with Susan Hill Gross, the Women in World Area Studies project and the Upper Midwest Women's History Center. Recently she has written curriculum and given workshops on Korean history. She is the author of An Age of Empires, to be published in 2005 by the Oxford University Press. She taught history, including Advanced Placement American and European history, at St. Louis Park High School and at the Hamline University Graduate School. A member of the Bradley Commission on History in the Schools, she also was one of the founders of the National Council on History Education and the Organization of History Teachers. For her teaching, she was awarded the Nancy Roelker Award by the American Historical Association. She is acting as consulting editor and contributor to The Clio Project.

Susan Hill Gross, co-founded, with Marjorie Wall Bingham, the Women in World Area Studies project and the Upper Midwest Women's History Center. In addition to developing women's history curriculum for secondary world history courses, she directed a six-year program that produced instructional units and pilot taught manuals and audiovisual materials on contemporary issues for women in Africa, Asia, and Latin America for the U.S. Agency for International Development. For twenty years, she was the executive director of the Upper Midwest Women's History Center whose mission was to give teacher workshops, publish curriculum materials on global women's history, and carry out community awareness programs on women's history topics. She serves as the executive director of The Clio Project.

Missy McDonald has practiced history in a variety of settings. She has been a curator and historical interpreter for the National Park Service, worked on preservation projects for the Historic American Buildings Survey, conducted oral histories, and performed research in the area of cultural resource management. She is a former review editor for The Public Historian. She serves as a specialist in women's history as a researcher and writer for The Clio Project.

Patrick McKay works as a freelance web designer and consultant and also full-time providing computer support in the College of Food Science, Agriculture and Natural Resource Science (CFANS) at the University of Minnesota. He studied graphic design at Madison Area Technical College and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He has built websites for small business customers and worked as web administrator for the School of Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota. In his current position he is teaching basic website management skills to The Clio Project staff, handling photo enhancement and placement, helping to maintain and build the website, and acting as the technical director.